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About Spa
 In the left wing of the establishment, there is a magical place : Les Bains de Margaux. The magic operates, you will be in a world of well-beeing?Imagine a different world, where all you have to do is open a door and time stands still ?
The Bains de Margaux Spa is a universe apart, a place to make a complete break and get away from it all, where every detail has been taken care of for your well-being.
You decide on the programme of your choice - one, three or five days ? then sit back and let us guide you.Our staff of professionals (beauticians and receptionists) is there for your benefit to pamper you and make sure you enjoy a memorable stay.
If you want to stay in the mood and prolong the experience, you can take lunch at the Brasserie with its panoramic views from the patio.